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I have seen you born and grow, over the years you have become beautiful, ready to welcome every new initiative of mine... You have punctuated the seasons with punctuality, manifesting your needs, often more and more exigent. You have asked me a lot of time and commitment, but you have never disappointed me, today your plants are green, lush and increasingly impressive. It's Spring ... I look at you, there is a lot to do ... The grass needs to be cut and as soon as I am finished ... you ask me to start again ... some plants need the fertilizer, the bushes must be pruned like the hedge ... It is already hot, fruit trees, flowers, lemons, aromatic herbs ask me for water... The land for the garden must be worked and the first plants planted... I'm late with the pruning of the olive trees... The list of your needs is long and I can not allow to delay because your needs are very precise in a defined time frame, I can not betray you and let me go ... The roses are beautiful this year, I imagine a particularly rich flowering, the lemons and the spectacular cedar are so fragrant and full of flowers that they put you in a good mood. Also this year you will be perfect, full of colors and scents. I want to take special care of you, even if no one will be able to admire you and enjoy your blessing. We don't have to be sad, we keep each other company and think about being more beautiful than ever. Even with death in my heart I won't give up, we will take beautiful photos and share them with our friends!! Thank you so much for the commitment you ask me, I don't know if I could do it without you at this time. You are my daily date that does not make me fall into the darkness of despair and fear, you are my hope, you are my strength, you are what I believe. I thank life for having you ... I would like to share you with those who have to stay locked in an apartment, I would like to run many " hairy humans" (dogs..) in my beautiful lawns, thank you life for being here.

Letter to my garden during Covid-19 https://www.brolioquinto.com/images/demo/blog/img-8.jpg Super User