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Here they are.

Every year it's a thrill to see them come back.

They surprised me while disheveled by a light breeze chasing an idea on a beautiful sunny morning still gentle.

I smell the scent of the garden even before I cross the threshold of the house, I giggle to myself, "Am I developing the sense of smell like dogs?".

Once outside, the view excites me.

As if during the night I had forgotten its overpowering beauty. Like mothers who marvel at their children's beauty every morning and fall in love with it every new day.

The air that disheveled me plays with the trees creating rustles and shades of green that dance at the time of a music that only by tuning in to the silence you can listen to. The green, the perfumes, the colours of the flowers, the terracottas that stand out like jewels from which the lemons and the flowers fill my soul and I challenge anyone not to suffer the charm of such an enchantment.

Sated my soul I remember that taken by my idea and the care of my hairy loves I forgot to have breakfast.

I woke up already spinning in my head as if it had been born in that limbo between sleep and wakefulness. That place in the middle ground, between the oneiric and the conscience. The sweet awakening thanks to silence is one of the privileges I know I enjoy living at Brolio Quinto.

To chase that idea, I fork up my bike and I feel like a swallow that speeds through nature, in silence among the fields I feel like a child, happy and free. There are only brief moments of perfection, sporadic windows of light that make us feel at one with what surrounds us.

Now all the effort takes on meaning, all the work, all the commitment.

"So that's why you're working so hard?" I keep pedaling in the dance of the wind through the greenery and at the end I answer myself.

"Yes. That's why I work from dawn to dusk. In order to have the freedom to pursue a dream, in the truest sense of the word, and if there has ever been a metaphor for what I do, it certainly has to do with the lightness that gives the spirit to do and live for what you love".

My idea?

Stay tuned...

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